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The TBCITB is constantly adding career information content to the Pathways website so please visit regularly to catch up with new information as it becomes available.

Welcome Students, Parents and People seeking a Career in the Industry

The Building and Construction industry in Tasmania provides more than one in ten of the state’s full time jobs.  Those jobs spread along a fantastic career training pathway that spans a diverse range of trade, para-professional and professional roles. 

It provides opportunities to be an employee, a contractor or a business owner in your own right. This site focuses on the key entry points and provides information on a number of careers. You will find a description of each trade, entertaining videos exploring the trades and testimonials from Tasmanian apprentices as well as downloadable brochures.

Teachers and Parents

The site has a Subject Choice Guide which provides comprehensive advice on matching subjects and vocational training to prepare for a career in the industry.  The Board has prepared a comprehensive overview of the industry detailing the great range of opportunities that exist.